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Assam Hathikuli
  • Assam Hathikuli

Assam Hathikuli


This is a beautiful fresh green tea that remains true to its Assam character. The name Hathikuli is made up of the words hati, which means elephant, and kuli, which means "often". Hathikuli Tea Garden is located in a territory close to Kaziranga National Park and is often visited by roaming elephants. The young shoots from the bushes are carefully picked by hand, then crushed, moistened, gently rolled and dried. The open, fibrous leaf is quite atypical for Assam teas, and has a light green matte iridescent color. *This tea comes from certified organic crops.

  • Té verde orgánico Assam FTGFOP1

  • Temperatura del agua: 75º-90º

    Tiempo de infusión: 1-3min

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