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Why smoke Wild? - The best option for smoking without nicotine.


06. Ingredients

​Mullein leaves, coltsfoot leaves, mallow flowers, rose flowers, sage leaves, passion flower leaves, chamomile flowers, licorice roots and marigold flowers.

03. What is it used for?

​They were created thinking of people who like to smoke but prefer not to be contaminated
by nicotine or other harmful chemical additives found in most
of commercial cigarettes and rolling tobacco. They were also created with in mind
those who want to reduce or stop tobacco and nicotine use.

05. Combined use with medicinal cannabis

Today, most people who smoke cannabis mix it with tobacco.
The reasons for this practice may be diverse, but the truth is smoking cannabis
mixed with tobacco is devoid of benefits. On the one hand, it counteracts the effect
medicinal use of cannabis, many other chemicals are inhaled
tobacco, it becomes a physical addiction and the habit of smoking is acquired.

04. Taste and effect

​The herbs in this blend are carefully selected and blended
to create a refreshing, pleasant and relaxing effect. The smoke of this mixture
It is sweet; it burns smoothly and has a rich natural earthy aroma.

01. What is it?

Wild Herbal Smoking Blend is made up of
a selection of organic medicinal herbs, without chemicals, and 100% nicotine free.
Some of the plants have a mild calming effect, others are used in
Ayurveda medicine for curing lung problems and others help
against the physical addiction of nicotine and quitting smoking. 

02. What does it contain?

​This herbal blend comes from nine different wild plants
and is a much more desirable and healthier alternative to tobacco.
Does not contain any type of tobacco, nicotine, chemicals,
illegal plants or addictive substances. All herbs are organic
certified (Bio) and grown or harvested in Spain.

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