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Genmaicha (Japan)
  • Genmaicha (Japan)

Genmaicha (Japan)

Bancha green tea with brown rice and roasted corn. It is a soft tea, with pleasant notes of caramel and dried fruit that helps good digestion. Genmai means natural rice. This specialty consists of Bancha tea, to which approximately 50% roasted or puffed rice is added. The incomparable taste is characterized by the smoothness of Bancha tea and a pleasant, slightly sweet, nutty and caramel note. Due to the low caffeine content and mild flavor, this tea is suitable for consumption throughout the day. Also, for green tea beginners, it can be a fun and friendly first experience.
  • Té verde, arroz integral, maíz tostado

  • Temperatura del agua: 75º-90º

    Tiempo de infusión: 1-3min

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