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Oolong Jinxuan (Thailand)
  • Oolong Jinxuan (Thailand)

Oolong Jinxuan (Thailand)


For more than 50 years, in the north of Thailand, on the mountain "Doi Phayapai" extraordinary green teas ;Oolong have been produced, which resemble or even exceed the high-quality greens of Formosa Jade Oolongs. The basis for this is imported tea plants from the highlands of Taiwan, together with the extensive knowledge of Taiwanese tea makers who accompany the cultivation and make continuous improvements. In this case, we have selected a quality that impresses with its brightly colored leaf in golden tones, it unleashes a different floral aroma. The intensely flavored aroma and mild, yet noticeable sweetness lingers on your taste buds for a while after enjoying this masterful tea.


2-3 minutes of letting sit. 75º-80ºC for the water temperature

  • Temperatura del agua: 80º-95º

    Tiempo de infusión: 3-5min

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