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Pu Erh (Yunan - China)
  • Pu Erh (Yunan - China)

Pu Erh (Yunan - China)

Authentic extended fermentation Pu Erh tea from Yunnan, China. Great body in cup and intensity in taste. Pu-Erh or also Pu-Er is a tea whose leaves are moistened again after the oxidation process is complete, so that a new fermentation phase can take place. They are called post-fermented teas. After production, these teas are stored for one to several years in cool cellars or buried in the ground so that the dark brown to light brown leaf develops its characteristic strong, earthy flavor (and, depending on the season, grown, a rustic woody aroma). The infusion has a dark red color.
  • Té Pu Erh de Yunnan.

  • Temperatura del agua: 85º-95º

    Tiempo de infusión: 3-5min

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