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Sencha (Japan) ORGANIC
  • Sencha (Japan) ORGANIC

Sencha (Japan) ORGANIC


The classic green tea par excellence. Originally drunk by Buddhist monks, it is now considered a source of inspiration and vitality. "Sencha" means boiled tea: Sen = boil, Cha = tea. During production, the folded, elongated leaves are "polished"; while drying on hot trays, to later be heated in wood-fired pans to give them their desired final shape. Once the leaf is infused, its entire structure is visible and the infusion is bright yellow in color. The fresh, herbaceous aroma with its fine acidity delights all Sencha lovers. *This tea comes from certified organic crops.

  • Té verde Sencha

  • Temperatura del agua: 75º-90º

    Tiempo de infusión: 1-3min

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